To be honest, we all don’t like to hear “mteja wa nambari uliyopiga hapatika kwa sasa” when you really need to talk to someone and they are unavailable.

Apparently, there’s a couple that got into a fight after the woman learnt that another lady ‘picked up’ her husband’s phone to tell her he’s unavailable. She didn’t know it was an automated voice message.

Meet Maggie Wazome, the woman behind the popular Safaricom automated voice message that we all hear when a subscriber is unavailable.

The voice was apparently recorded in the year 2000, after Ms Wazome beat 16 other voiceover artists who had gone to try their luck at Mr Andrew Crawford’s studio.

At an interview with Nation, Ms Wazome who is currently a support analyst at Safaricom’s customer care department opened up on how she got the job, and the challenges she has faced.


“Women have a lean voice that soothes the client and pampers them. It is pleasant to the ears. The voice lowers your temperature. If it were a man (telling customers that the subscriber is unavailable), callers would die of trauma.” – Maggie Wazome

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