Akothee and her daughter Celly Rue Brown

Singer Akothee’s daughter Celly Rue Brown seems to have followed in her mother’s footsteps. The young vibrant and beautiful lass was recently unveiled as the new face of Nivea.

Celly Rue Brown
Akothee’s daughter Celly Rue Brown, the new face of Nivea

Celly, who is a student at Strathmore University, was nominated alongside other students and she emerged the top with many votes. The voting was conducted online last week.

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But after she was announced the winner, this did not go well with some social media users who claimed that the selection was unfair and that Akothee’s daughter didn’t deserve the win. Others went overboard and said that she wasn’t pretty and she won the competition just because her mother is famous.

Celly Rue Brown

Here are reactions from social media;

Mwiti O’Miiru: NIVEA IT’S wrong for Akothee’s daughter to be pushed for face of Nivea just because of who her mother is. Kenya has more beautiful girls.

Peter Nyambura: Aaaaiii na itapata market kweli????

Lynejane McCatqueen: THAT Competition wasn’t fair! She is riding on her mom’s popularity! This issue of likes ain’t fair

Celly Rue Brown

Jay Jane Njuguna: Maskini atazidi kuwa maskini just because of her mom popularity she did afford to fetch likes compared to someone only known at their village congratulations gal

Said Stellar Aisha: Be honest here,if she wasn’t the famous akothes daughter hangeenda mahali ukweli usemwe. Money rules the world not beauty

Brenda: Beautiful kitu gani na vile kuna warembo wengi walikua wanacontestia hiyo kitu nkt. Sa huyo ni mrembo wapi?

Kelly: Nimekwamia hapo kwa beauty…. Wacha nivae miwani nirudi

Celly Rue Brown

Vicki: Can such really go as far as villages…i.mean she is a rich kid…am.sure there other as beautiful n representative, eloquent kule mashinani

Brenda: She ain’t pretty… Final

Kamau: We will demonstrate against their consecutive rigging

Celly Rue Brown

Well, Akothee’s daughter has finally addressed her haters who claim that she is riding on her mom’s coattails and that she didn’t deserve to win.

“I see no harm in a mother supporting her daughter’s dream..if she doesn’t support me then who will?” she posted on Instagram.


“She’s my mother and I appreciate and that will never change. Whether she runs mad today she will still be my MOTHER, Akothee I LOVE YOU. You’re my strength 🔥🔥😍😍😍😘.”

There you have it, haters!

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