Some Kenyans on social media are just a bunch of idlers who have nothing to do and all they do is troll celebrities online.

Female celebrities have been the easiest target for these key board masters and if you are keen enough, you will realize that they always hate on A-list women.

One cannot just enjoy her wedding or honeymoon in peace. They will have to find fault in everything.

Remember how Janet Mbugua was trolled online for days for wearing a simple gown on her wedding?

Wardrobe Malfunction Leaves Janet Mbugua Exposed And Humiliated, See What Kenyans Had To Say (PHOTOS)

Kathy Kiuna’s daughter Vanessa was also attacked online for wearing a gown which many termed as inappropriate.

Well, radio queen Adelle Onyango is the latest victim of cyber bullying after she shared photos from her wedding. The jovial and versatile Kiss FM presenter and her longtime lover Falgun Bhojak tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony last week at Redhill Heights, Limuru.

But some Kenyans were not happy. They were dying of jealous. They even went ahead to troll the social media influencer calling her all sorts of names.

Adelle Onyango

Reactions include;

Helon: Sasa Madem wenye mnajidai na urembo wenu,hii ni dhihirisho kamili ya kwamba mwanake ni tabia sio urembo,lakini hapa mapenzi aki ni kipofu ,io meno aise.

Anne: For all the haters, you and your beautiful dental formulae, are you married yet?
Eunice: woi….smile though,, she bitter leave the smiling thing!!!

Kenyangal: Adelle is a well-learned woman who has a great paying job.And I am pretty sure she is aware of her looks but as she says,she chooses to flaunt her flaws, something that most people can not do.You are all bothered about how she looks while clearly she doesn’t give a hoot about it,nor does her husband.This is a society of man eat man and many are afraid to push through with their beliefs because of ‘what will people say?’ and in this error of key board warriors it is even worse,,,, please let her be,ask yourself why you are bothered her her look yet she smiles so hard.Congratulations darling ❤️❤️ May you smile more.

Daphine: Meno ni zake bwana ni wake if she feels happy….Let her be we should just mind our own business. Congrats Adelle

Mary Anyango
Adelle Onyango mum. The late Mary succumbed to breast cancer

Lenah: If u have nothing good to say about a person enjoying her big day. Offending no about you keep you teeth locked.Sadists troll…congrats gal

Hiram: Women shaming a fellow woman…..then go crying when your disrespect by men. Sijui my dress my choice sijui ujinga gani men are dogs blah blah blah.vFact is with all that she got married got a wedding that most of you will never ever get…

I wish I had time to go through your profiles, pictures that one pic and Shame you here and see how u would take it. If you’re here to shame her SHAME ON YOU

Beth: She is soo cute indeed. How many expose their faces witmakeupke up or even their big tummies without having a belt tying them? She is at her best and she appreciates how beautifully and wonderfully she is made. Bravo

Indeed women are their own worst enemies.

Adelle is a strong woman who cannot be moved by such little things and she has clapped back at her haters.

She shared a photo of herself and captioned;

“??? these crooked teeth put together a killer smile ?”

Adelle’s photo attracted many likes with top media big wigs i.e Janet Mbugua, Grace Msalame just to mention but a few liked the pic to show that they were in support of her.