Akothee's sons birthday

People are always advised to be careful with what they order especially when it comes to online businesses. If you’re not keen, you might end up with the worst or low grade or poor products and this seems to have happened to singer Akothee.

Online shopping

Over the weekend, Akothee – the mother of five, threw a mega joint birthday party for her sons Oyoo and Ojwang at their palatial Mombasa home.

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But Akothee’s younger son, Dominic Oyoo, wasn’t happy with the cake that was delivered for his birthday. Akothee has taken to social media to rant about the company that delivered the cake and she sarcastically thanked them for whatever they did.

“The company that delivered the cake, thank you so much for spoiling my son’s birthday! Never seen or tasted such an ugly cake!! Hard like a stone! Too much sugar. My sons are still mad at me 😢😢😢”

She went ahead to call upon the company to go collect the cake, demanding an explanation.

“I need an explanation as to what went wrong with your bakery! Or did you just give me something from the display nkt, I can’t stay at home because Oyoo wants an explanation to what happened with the cake?😢😢😢 send your representative to collect this shit nkt.”

Akothee's son's birthday cake

In another post, she shared a photo of one of her sons struggling to cut the cake and wrote:

“See how we struggling to cut the cake! Was this a cake or a stone nkt, with zero taste nkt, I wish I just cut my ugali.”

Akothee's sons birthday

Akothee’s younger son, Dominic Oyoo, also expressed his anger and in a video Mpasho.co.ke has seen, the young boy says he was disappointed.

“I was felt bad. The cake was too sugary and very hard. I want another cake which isn’t bad. My brother’s cake was better than mine. My birthday was spoilt,” he ranted.

Akothee promised to throw another birthday party for him.

Akothee has also called out her fake friends and in a fierce message, she has told them off.

“Am taking this opportunity to appreciate all those who decided to be my enemies friends, behind my back! Yet smiling and asking me for photos whenever they see me, But Forming groups and sending WhatsApp messages to people I knew and the ones who knew me before & after fame! I would like to congratulate all of you for hard work! Stay focused on your groups and pseudo & let’s meet next year same time same page for updates on how far we have gone.😂😂😂😂

Some even proud of saying how much they have contributed to my brand yet they are the same ones trying all means to block every avenue! If someone asks them about Akothee, listen to their answers
(Ohh leave that woman Alone she is arrogant and very difficult to work with ) mmmm so how about those who have & still work with Me? Are they angels to take my shit? Of course not, they respect themselves and to them, it’s business only, no strings attached, business period! All these people who tried to milk me & didn’t work! Were driven by my money & status nothing else! When they arrived they realized I am not a bank to solve their financial problem so is the bile. Keep your small lane and work you’re a** out, am very ashamed of some names that just landed on the list, screenshots are dangerous! It has saved my life! I will soon expose all of you here, should I Robinson them now? Happy labor day .they don’t support you in public because of the shit they talk in private.Robinson mara THAT,” read her message.


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