Msupa S
Msupa S

Msupa S is one of the fastest rising Kenyan femcees who first made headlines with the song Hello Hello. She later collaborated with rapper Khaligraph Jones on the hit song Watajua Hawajui which has catalyzed her stardom.

Her new song I Don’t Care has raised eyebrows with fans speculating that she might have gotten herself into a cult.

I put a triangle on my right eye, not on my left, I was told to do it for fun.I didn’t know it was something that was linked to illuminati. I later realised when people told me. Its not about me being in illuminati, I don’t even know what that is.

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The rapper blames her video editor for messing up the video by putting up symbols without her consent.

The one who edited the video put the illuminati sign of the all seeing eye. He called me when the video was almost done and it had nothing like those signs. I guess he put it later on.

He stayed with the video another two days before it was uploaded. I told him to re-edit and told me that he needed more money Ksh 30,000. I didn’t have the money. I would love to re-edit but for now, I don’t have the money.

Msupa S
Screenshots of Msupa S

Msupa S goes on to say that she is indeed the queen of rap music in Kenya and the Cardi B of this nation.

Many people have talked bad about me, they say, I’m not supposed to rap, so I told them I don’t care. I’m capable of rapping like Cardi B, I have that the psych. When I was growing up, I used to rap in Kalenjin language and Kiswahili and people told me that I used to rap like Beyonce. I know critics have said that she doesn’t rap but she used to rap at one point in her career. She is also rapping on her new album.

But why is she obsessed with Beyonce?

I like her songs and her attitude. Another thing, she haven’t heard of her doing any plastic surgery to add her boobs or her derrière.She’s just normal.Changing yourself is like telling God that he was wrong to create you the way you are.

msupa s

Ni ma shaito! Why I support Msupa S and her use of Illuminati imagery in her new music video

For those who are already eyeing her, the rapper is in a serious relationship with her long-term boyfriend and is set to get married early next year.

I’m dating a man that has decided to be on the low key and I respect his decision. I will get married probably in December or January next year.

Here is an exclusive video: