The female rapper posing

Msupa S was in the news early this year after having an altercation with her then-boyfriend and manager, Tommy Moto.
We explained that situation in the article below:

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What many did not know was the turmoil she was undergoing during and after the incident. She recently spoke on Ebru T.V and relayed that she had almost ended her life.

The rapper was on the comedian’s show

She was on Chipukeezy’s show and she relayed to the comedian that it had been a very tough time for her.

She said that in the last year she had not only lost weight due to stress but had also separated from her man. She explained:

I wanted to take my life at some point yes. I have been through a lot of stress. I parted ways with my boy, my hubby but we have reconciled now because of our son. My situation was not good even before I became popular on TV.

The rapper is seen posing with Octopizzo

More money more problems rang true for the female rapper as she says with more fame and money, the worse her relationship with her man became. She told a sympathetic Chipukeezy:

Problems started when I started making some money. I started having issues with my man after money started trickling in. He started accusing me of cheating on him, even with people like Mzazi Tuva, something I did not. I have never cheated on him.​

Msupa S screenshot
Msupa S with her former man

At this point, she was fed up and even thought of killing herself but said she couldn’t go through with it because of her 5-year-old son. She even revealed that she had bought some dangerous drugs for the purpose:

I could not because of my kid, I did not want him to be without a mother. I even bought dangerous pills to swallow and die but I could not.

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