Noti Flow has been silent of late.

After her exit from the Nairobi D she decided she is going to grow her brand away from ratchetness. During her time in the reality show, all she did was fight and throw a lot of shade. When the whole situation became so toxic, she decided to leave and work on her music.

Noti Flow


We thought she has stopped all the shade throwing but l guess we spoke too soon. Just recently in an interview with Joey, she was asked to talk about the new rapper in town, Msupa S.

“what is Msupa S? I have never heard of her.”

At this point, Joey was trying to clarify who Msupa S is the rapper who just released a collabo with Khaligraph Jones that already ammassed over a million views in Youtube.

Noti Flow

Well, according to Joey, Msupa S claims she is the only queen in the rap game. Noti Flow could not hold her anger she was very ready to respond to that claim.

“everybody knows of one queen and that’s queen Noti. It’s not self-proclaimed no more. It’s the people even lipunda knows i am queen. He calls me queen,” she said.

Just to make it clear, Lipunda is Mustafa. The two have been in an on-and-off relationship for a very long time. For exactly two seasons of Nairobi D.

After her sudden exit, Mustafa found love in Bridget, Glam Pam and Ilya.

Lipunda strong! Noti Flow back in the arms of Colonel Mustafa

Now you understand why he goes by the name lipunda?

During the reunion, Mustafa confessed that he is deeply in love with Bridget, in fact, he wants to make her his second wife since Noti Flow failed him.

Noti Flow then found love in another man but things ended so fast. Apparently, he used to extort money from her in the name of going to the dentist.

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