Comedian Nasra Yusuf

Being on TV doesn’t mean everything is perfect.

Many tend to assume that celebrities who appear on TV shows or are big on social media are living large.

But in real sense, most struggle to make ends meet and Churchill show comedian Nasra Yusuf just confirmed this.

Nasra comedian
Award-winning Somali comedienne Nasra Yusuf

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Things on the ground are different.

Kuna msee sahi ameniuliza hapa kwani bodyguards wanakuchunganga saa ngapi? …kwani mnafikiria nashindnga na bodyguards

Msichochwe na social media. Mimi bado nastruggle lakini tutafika tuu siku moja. [Someone just asked me why I’m walking alone without bodyguards. They think I always have bodyguards wherever I go [because I’m a ‘celeb’]. Don’t be fooled by social media [life]. I’m still struggling but one day I’ll make it.]’ she said.

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