Singer Bahati, on his reality show “Bahati Reality”, featured singer Denno who is a VIP, and assured him that he was going to sign him to his record label.

Denno said his most difficult thing was transportation since he doesn’t have a car of his own, while begging Bahati to sign him.

“I just use the Matatu, and it’s difficult. When I choose to use a cab, its expensive.  Sign me on EMB, I know we will work. I have the songs”

Bahati gave an assurance to Denno;

As long as I’m on the top, I’ll make sure Africa has heard about you, Denno. I can do more than signing you

Bahati, Denno, Diana Marua and Denno’s wife

But is it that Denno hasn’t heard anything about all the things former signees said about EMB?

Weezdom was the first one to be signed. He had a misunderstanding with Bahati but later went back to him after years of beefing. He had said that his songs weren’t being released as frequently as he expected.

Mr Seed and David Wonder exited the record label after falling out with Bahati. Seed’s wife Nimo Gachuri who was heavily pregnant at the time, was even arrested by police at Bahati’s event.

David Wonder’s contract on the other hand, had been extended to ten years, a decision that the singer didn’t agree with.

Bahati has signed another artiste called Peter Blessing and it seems Denno is on the same track.

Denno and his wife