Gospel singer Weezdom has come out to set the record straight after he was accused of spreading malicious rumors about Mr Seed.

According to media reports, Mr Seed claimed that Weezdom had been paid by his ‘enemies’ to spoil his name.


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But while speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva on Citizen Radio, he said,

A month ago, I was somewhere and a number of gospel artistes were talking bad about Mr Seed. They were saying how he slept with another lady yet he has a wife. The lady claimed Mr Seed slept with her without her consent and that she was going to expose him.

He continued;

I told them instead of speaking behind his back they could have called Mr Seed and tell him. It was very late in the night and I went outside of the house and called the Upo hit singer and asked him if he knew the lady in question and he admitted that he knew her.


Weezdom said he tried to talk to the father of one to explaining to him that if he was exposed, his family and brand would be tarnished.

He then advised Mr Seed to talk to the woman.

After that, Mr Seed instead of taking my advice, he went and looked for that lady and asked her why she was still talking about the story. He even told the lady that I had told him that she was planning to expose him.

Weezdom said things turned bad when the lady called and started insulting him.

She texted me and insulted me, asking why I was concerned about the matter. I slept with Mr Seed and I don’t know why you’re trying to intervene. That was a rape case.


The singer narrated how Mr Seed and their friend Ndume tried to cover up the story but it was too late.

The lady had already exposed him in the media.

At this point, if someone in the gospel industry is caught in a scandal, let us stop blaming the devil and our friends. Let everyone carry their own cross. Right now everyone is saying I’m the one who exposed Mr Seed yet I called him to advise him as a friend. Anataka nikufe kifo yake [But right now he wants me to die for his sins].


Mimi nimechoka na Mr Seed kwa sababu anaishi na sympathy. Amezoea kutrend na kiki za symphathy. Sasa amepatikana na ya ukweli anataka kutrend na mimi.

[I’m tired of Mr Seed because he thrives on controversy and sympathy. Right now he has been caught red-handed and wants to use me as a sacrificial lamb.]


Weezdom has been trolled on social media and he said he’s hurt.

‘I’m being insulted on social media by Kenyans on a matter I know nothing about. Right now my brand is suffering,’ he sobbed.

Mr Seed’s wife Nimo has deactivated her social media accounts, barely three days after he committed social media suicide.

Nimo Gachuiri

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Reactions from Kenyans include;

evvie_254 This guy really irritates me. Such a mouthy guy, looking for fame left, right and center. Sa akilia anaona music yake itafika ata 10k views??

Kelly Dread There is nothing like gospel music in Kenya its hypocrite

Danny Kish Professional mourners should recruit this man.

Mkamburu Nyambu Aki if a man breaks into tears, the story is real😎


Amos Deguzman Hahahaaaa saitan….peleka machozi kathozweni wewe….team pozzeeee 😂😂😂

Kenyan gal I swear to God afadhari pozze anafanyanga vile anafanyanga bila kujifanya

Upcoming Millionaire I really feel his pain…may God vindicate you Weezdom.

Nancy Muthoni Ile umama iko na huyu weez. Those are just crocodile tears, ata siku ya groove ulilia vile aliona Ben c atamshinda. Bure tu

Pascalina Waithera Ukweli huuma so wacha kulia bro umelipwa ngapi

Bet Mwangi Weezdom cool l understand you but pia wewe uko na makosa mbona mrseed akipost unajibizana na fun kwa page yake vitazao na bahati hazikuhusu waache wapambane then bro uliniudhi coz ata kaa inakuhusu wewe sio mtu wa kucomment vitu kaa hizo na kutusiana na mafuns kwa page ya mwezako weezdom ni brand kubwa uko na mafuns

Ethan Peroti I feel for weezdom. Bro God will clear the air

Kaparo Hii gospel iko na mambo 😂😂😂😂 wacha ni skize mugithi na kanungo

Cecillah Mwangi Bro umeropoka sana. Stick to what you’ve been asked. It makes me feel ni wewe ulisema coz umeropoka so many things that you’ve not been asked.

Susaide Maina Your name is weezdom but you don’t portray wisdom…I don’t support anyone here but why don’t you learn to mind your own business… Real men don’t expose each other…ask God to give you wisdom.After all we are all sinners that’s why we always repent.

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