Where is God?

pastor kanyari flexing

People purporting to be men of God are emerging daily from every corner of the world soliciting funds from the public in the name of healing. They will do anything in the name of God to get what they want. In Kenya, we have many of such preachers and despite being exposed by the media, people still go to their churches. Does this mean that their congregants are blindfolded?

During our investigative on the rogue city preachers, we had a chance to visit Victor Kanyari’s (the most controversial pastor) church. We (My colleague and I) arrived a bit late, and the service was almost done. We secured seats in the middle and joined the congregation in following the sermon of the day. Why is this church so full even after Kanyari was recently exposed? I asked myself.


Lipa Deni! Pastor Kanyari Accused Of Conning One Of His Followers 3,000 Shillings (AUDIO)