Are these the end times as prophesied in the book of Mathew?

“For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” – Mathew 24-24.

Indeed the number of false prophets continues to rise the world over; Kenya and South Africa have some of the most recent examples of such. These fake men of God seem to have the uncanny ability to stoke controversy and are always in the limelight for negative reasons. Does this mean that the end times are nigh?

Kanyari Baba Yao! Here Are The Most Controversial Kenyan Pastors (PHOTOS)

Over the last couple of weeks, controversial pastor Apostle James Ng’ang’a of the Neno Evangelism Centre has been making headlines all over social, print and electronic media after being accused of allegedly killing a motorist while drunk driving.

Pain And Agony As The Lady Who Was Allegedly Killed By Pastor James Ng’ang’a Is laid To Rest (VIDEO)

Immense public outcry followed with many demanding that the controversial man of God be prosecuted. He is currently facing criminal charges before a Limuru court though he is out on bail. Our investigation to unearth the truth behind the rather divisive pastor started on 16th August 2015. My colleague and I decided to visit the famous Neno Evangelism Centre to ascertain the authenticity of the many stories told about James Ng’ang’a.


These words are emblazoned on a banner in bold in front of the church just above the pulpit; this is what you see first when you get inside the church hall at Neno Evangelism Centre. It was around 11.30am and we had just arrived on time. The church was filled almost to capacity, despite the negative media campaign against Ng’ang’a. We managed to get seats on the third row just behind the bishops and other pastors.

They were all dressed in suits, the perfect picture of health and each had a bottle of water under their chairs to quench their thirst during the service. Pastor Ng’ang’a was already at the pulpit, reading a few bible verses and only taking a brief 10 minutes (or less) to elaborate on them – he reserved most of his time to attack the media. Bible verses were his main weapon – the house of the Lord was being attacked, but he was not about to fall, he insisted. Yet his rather unrestrained bursts seemed to get interesting with time. One of the statements he made left us quite puzzled.


“Really? How could a pastor talk like this in front of his congregation?” I whispered to my colleague.

The more he continued attacking his so called detractors, the more his congregation cheered him on, to show that the media was defeated. I opened my bag hoping to switch on my phone recorder and get some of these statements on file. But immediately, a lady who was seated next to me saw me remove the phone and scolded me. “Weka hiyo simu wewe!”. I had no option but to comply with the church rules.

Mungu wako atakupigania…


The church broke into song and dance as Pastor Ng’ang’a led the worship team with a guitar hanging around his neck. Church dancers, the youth and Sunday school children, were not left behind. They danced in all manner of styles, yet they seemed not to tire despite singing and dancing for almost 30 minutes. They were all energetic even after the vigorous dances.

Hundreds Flock Pastor James Ng’ang’a’s Church Even After He Was Exposed As A Rogue Man Of God (PHOTOS)

After the praise and worship interlude, Apostle Ng’ang’a then went back to the pulpit to continue with the sermon. It was getting late and it was time to leave for another mission; to Kanyari’s church (Part 2).

On Sunday 23rd August 2015, we went to James Ng’ang’a’s church 2 days after he was freed on bail. This time round we arrived a bit early. Seated on the front row was Pastor Ng’ang’a’s wife and associate pastors among them the pastor who had taken photos of Ng’ang’a’s hotel and posted them on facebook on the day of the fateful accident. It was time for worship and everyone was dancing vigorously. Some of them even dumped their shoes in praise of the Lord for freeing their pastor. After moments of song and dance, the pastor then made his way to the pulpit and the whole congregation went wild. They cheered, clapped and screamed to express their joy. He greeted his followers then went on to explain what had happened to him at the Gigiri Police Station and at the Limuru law courts.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet was the first target on this day. Pastor Ng’ang’a tore into the police chief and accused him of failing to conduct proper investigations before rushing the case to court. Other city pastors did not escape criticism from Ng’ang’a on this day; pastor Kanyari of the ‘panda mbegu’ fame was a notable casualty.

The controversial pastor who seems to enjoy being in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons further stated,

“Hio ni airtime ya free napewa. Unadhani kutokea kwa front page ya national newspaper ni mchezo?”, he said smiling.

For the media that had allegedly tarnished his name, this is what pastor Ng’ang’a had to say.

“Media ni watoto wetu, tuwasamehee. Hawa ni watoto wadogo wananiharibia jina na nimekuwa kwa TV since 2002″.

Also on the list of the forgiven this day were four robbers who allegedly broke into the pastor’s house in Karen and stole money and a crucifix that the pastor uses to pray from his bedroom. He further derided the thieves for having the audacity to enter a pastor’s bedroom.

It was now time for the main sermon and I had to leave as I had recorded all the information I needed. As I walked out, I couldn’t help but wonder, “How come hundreds still throng his church despite the pastor being accused of being rogue?”

Is it just blind devotion or a case misplaced faith? Who is going to save Kenyans from such bondage? These are questions I have not been able to find answers to.

Listen to the audio clip below of Apostle James Ng’ang’a on 23rd August