In Part one of The Middle East Horror, we promised to let you know some of the untold stories of Kenyans working in Dubai. We spoke to Judy Nyambura and Alice Khavera who both worked in the Middle East for four years, and her revelations are shocking.

Mpasho Investigates The Middle East Horror Part 1: When Kenyans Die For The Money

There are several of cases that have been reported that Kenyans are being sexually, physically abused in the Middle East. There are also incidents where some of them are brought back in coffins. But have you ever asked yourself why this happens? Well, Judy tells us that some of the Kenyans who go there develop bad habits which sometimes forces their employer to send them away before their contract ends.  Where most of them go after that will definitely shock you.

We also asked her to tell us why many Kenyans are still willing to work in the Middle East in spite of all the negative stories that are everywhere in the media.

Listen to Judy Nyambura below;

Below are some of the complaints from few other Kenyans who are in the Middle East.


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Here’s  is a statement by one of the recruiting agencies in Kenya;

Working in the Middle East: What does it mean and how it will affect your life? When you leave your home country for a job in a foreign country, it’s always a transition from something that you know, to something “unknown”. Some countries are easier to adapt to, some are harder. In the Middle East, there is a certain “hardship” compared to Kenya. Why is that? The religion is more involved in your daily business than it is in Kenya, and there’s tight control over what you can or cannot do. Drinking alcohol in public is NOT allowed neither can you be drunk in public; in fact we recommend that our candidates do not drink AT ALL, during their contract period.

Rowdy behavior in general is not recommended, since it is seen as non appropriate, and it might lead to arrest. The Middle East countries are expecting their expats to go there and work,and basically that’s it. Save the money or send it home to your families. That is what the Asians are doing when they are working in the Middle East. Respect their religion and respect the fact that they live by it. Once you have started your job, you cannot quit and hustle around to change jobs, the employers expect you to finish your 2 years before you can change a job. Don’t start any “on-the-side” businesses, it is not allowed. Respect that their view on women are in many ways different to ours.

Some Middle East countries are tougher than others, i.e Saudi Arabia. We never post for female candidates in Saudi, since we do not recommend women to work in Saudi. The major part of our candidates are male, and in physical jobs; construction, masons, electricians, drivers etc. We only deal with well known well reputed companies and we never place domestic workers in private families. So if you read this, you will also realize that most of the things many people are doing here in Kenya; drinking, having side hustles, not showing up at work, rowdy behavior etc, is not accepted at all in the Middle East. You are there for work, and to save money, nothing else.

Do that successfully, and you can easily have a good career there, and heavily increase your income by the years you stay put. You have to change your mindset to adapt to the Middle East, choose to like it. It is the same for everyone who goes there. It is a matter of discipline, you are not supposed to like or dislike their culture, you are there for work, nothing else. We always recommend our candidates to read about the rules and the culture in the country they will be going to work in. We have had many candidates that have done their 2 years, returned to Kenya, and then been asked by the employer to return, since the satisfaction was very high from the employer. At the end of the day, the candidate is responsible for his/her actions. THIS IS MEANT TO BE INFORMATIVE. Spare us with foolish comments etc.

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