A good percentage of Kenyans who leave the country to go and work in the Middle East end up asking for help to come back after being mistreated and getting the complete opposite of what they were promised by their “agents” before leaving the country.


But there are still many Kenyans who are willing to go and find employment in Dubai, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, even after many reported cases of abuse and ill-treatment by employees. Most of them are of ages between 21 and 26. The biggest percentage are women.

Last year, Labour Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi froze the recruitment of Kenyan workers to the Middle East after many claims of mistreatment. But it seems that did not stop the ongoing business.

There are hundreds of sites and social media pages that are recruiting Kenyans who want to work in the Middle East. Most of them are people who are conning the thousands of desperate jobless Kenyans.


With many social media pages that are willing to help me find a DUBAI VISA WITHIN 24 HOURS ONLY plus a good paying job in the Middle East, I decided to give it a try. I visited one of the recruiting agencies that are based in Nairobi’s CBD.


I was welcomed with a pleasant smile, thinking that this was another Kenyan, who’s thirsty for the Arab money. After talking to the agent about my plans to work in the Middle East, I was asked to choose a particular country where I wanted to go. I chose the infamous Dubai.

“Can you please choose the job that you want to do?” the happy agent asked me as I gladly responded “Security guard, ooh I mean waiter”. “Well, for that, the salary range is from between Sh26,000 to Sh40,000 per month; do you have a visa?” Asked the agent. “We can help you get one within 24hrs and if you’re ready you can leave with our next week team”.


The agent told me that it would cost me up to Sh70,000 to get to Dubai. Apparently, men who are going to the Middle East must cater for themselves; unlike the women are adequately provided for by the agents. This is because women are loyal, as opposed to the men who can go there and get a high paying job then disappear.

Even before I asked if they were genuine, the lady was quick to open up that indeed there were hundred of fake agents who conned thousands of Kenyans. “Most of them don’t even have offices like we do. When we take you to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Jordan, we make sure you’re safe. When our clients complain about being mistreated, we make sure we sort it out there and find a solution. Something most of the agencies don’t do”, said the agency rep.

Kenyan legislators are currently working on a bill that will protect Kenyans working in the Middle East, and deal with rogue recruitment agencies from exploiting desperate and vulnerable Kenyans. One thing that will definitely shock you is what most of these women who complain of being mistreated actually do in Middle East. Find out the untold story of the Middle East horror in part 2.