Desperate women are resorting to selling their bodies for sex to enable them to pay for basic requirements.

As much as people think women turn to prostitution because they like it, that’s not true. Women become involved in prostitution for a variety of reasons such as homelessness, child sexual abuse, mental ill-health, trauma, previous sexual violence, drug, and alcohol misuse, money pressures and poverty.

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In the 3rd part of this series a woman confessed to our investigative reporter that she sells her body because she has no money to start a business.

Mpasho Investigates Part 3: “Nafanya Umalaya Juu Sina Pesa ya Kuanza Biashara!” Prositute Confesses To Mpasho (AUDIO EVIDENCE)


In Kenya, violence against sex workers is very common because most sex workers don’t report such cases to the police for fear of being arrested and that’s why they will continue to suffer. I met one of the city prostitutes who agreed to be recorded while negotiating with a client. It was an uncomfortable situation.

I charge Ksh300 per shot for mbele (normal sex] and Ksh500 for anal,’ Wairumu told Mpasho.

Aren’t you afraid to contract diseases, I posed,

Shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka madam. Mimi hupata clients wa zote and in a day I can make Ksh2,000 depending with their preferences. [The only dangerous hole is the one where a snake lives. I get clients for both normal and anal sex.] she said.

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