As you read in part one, the Kenyan modeling industry is laced with unbelievable dirt. Models are exploited sexually and it is utterly demeaning for them. It shatters dreams. However, there is always another side to the story.

In this research, it emerges that it’s not just that the models are taken advantage of, they can also be accused of being complacent in the exploitation.

Kasozi Timozu, a popular radio football pundit and pageant organizer says that the modeling industry is seen as a sex cocoon. The ladies are usually the objects. He agrees that some of his fellow promoters and agency managers try to take advantage of the young girls.

“Models are hungry. It’s like any other profession. Everyone out there is trying to get herself in the market and sometimes it just depends on how bad you want to be out there and where is your integrity? As a model and the person taking advantage of the model,” he says.

As an experienced model manager, he himself has struggled to keep his company afloat. He admits that he’s not been in a good state financially as far as the business is concerned. This is one of the situations that make agency managers willing to do anything to sustain the business.


He’s one of the core organizers and founders of Mr. and Miss. Strathmore and since the venture didn’t work out quite well, he started Ala Mode modeling agency.

An example of a scenario in which a model is likely to be ‘used’ is a runway pageant. He says that as an organizer, he’s responsible for determining who wins the pageant – he directs the judges on what to do.

“I can tell her if you wanna win this – because I can make you win it – you’ll have to do something for me. Scratch my back I scratch yours,” he says. Although he’s giving a hypothetical example, it deeply reflects what goes on in this intricate realm of modeling.

“It is a sad situation. I think integrity should be maintained in all professions, including modeling,” he adds.