You have read it all. First it was a distraught Kenyan man lamenting how he has tried to join the Kenya police 5 times in the last 6 years. He then opened up about how he was conned 180,000 Kshs when he attempted to bribe his way through. At this juncture I thought there was nothing more that could shock me. Then a police officer came out to confess that he paid a bribe of 150, 000 Kshs to join the force.

Naturally I had to give the Kenya Police the right of reply. I began by barking up on the wrong tree by calling the Administration Police spokesman Masoud Mwinyi who informed me that he was away on leave and that I should speak to police spokesperson, Zipporah Gatiria Mboroki. Here is a brief snippet of my conversation with Zipporah;

Mpasho: Hello

Ziporrah: Hello

Mpasho: My name is Jones, from the Radio Africa Group. I have a few queries to ask you concerning police recruitment.

Zipporah: Yes, but us we don’t recruit, questions about police recruitment you have to ask…..

Listen in to the entire conversation between Zipporah and I below;

As you might have been guessing the appropriate body to respond to police recruitment questions is the National Police Service Commission whose chairman is Mr. Johnston Kavuludi. I tried reaching out to Mr. Kavuludi through numerous calls but he did not pick up.

I then sent him a text and he promised to call me back after he was done with a meeting. He didn’t call back.

Johnston Kavudi SMS

My further calls to him went unanswered. We are sorry we were not able to get a comment from the Kenya police in response to this series, the Rotten Police Recruitment.

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