What is the biggest amount you’ve ever been conned? Well I’ve been conned 2,000 bob in one of the numerous pyramid schemes in Nairobi. However, that is a story for another day. It is an open secret that bribery and police recruitment in Kenya often find themselves in the same sentence.

In the latest police recruitment drive last month, the eager Kenyans turned away were  those who lacked either of the molars or pre-molars, those who had flat feet, those who had problems closing their eyes at intervals and those who didn’t have school-leaving certificates. A police officer had a hard time explaining to a candidate, whose three teeth were missing, why he could not join the force. “I have been eating even bony meat and it has not affected me,” the recruit argued as he was led away.

kenyan police officer taunting recruit

In light of such circumstances, some Kenyans attempt to bribe their way into the force. In the first part of this investigative story, I informed you how a Kenyan was conned 200,000 Kshs after he sold a piece of land he had inherited from his dad. Here, Kevin confesses how he had to sell his cows and ask for a loan from his dad in order to raise money to bribe his way through. How did it go? Find out by reading the snippet below and watching the intriguing video that follows;

Mpasho: Have you ever considered paying a bribe to join the police force?
Kevin: Aah. Yeah.
Mpasho: Have you done it?
Kevin: Yeah
Mpasho: How many times?
Kelvin: Just once. yeah.
Mpasho: How much did you pay?
Kevin: 180,000 THOUSAND
Mpasho: Kenya shilling?
Kevin: Yeah.
Mpasho: Who did you pay it to?
Kevin: I used a cousin of mine, who is a police in Kenya prisons
Mpasho: Kenya prison warden?
Kevin: Yeah
Mpasho: Were you trying to join the regular/administrative police or as a prison warden?
Kevin: I was trying to join Kenya police, my cousin was working as a prison warden.
Mpasho: So he told you he’ll…
Kevin: So he told me he has somebody who can connect me there directly.
Mpasho: You paid in cash?
Kevin: Yeah
Mpasho: Please tell us what happened next?
Kelvin: …………..

Follow the conversation on the video below;

The turn of events might have been unfortunate for Kevin but not for others. The police officer in your locality, did he join the force through “kitu kidogo”? Keep it mpasho.co.ke for the third part of the Rotten Police Recruitment series.


Additional reporting: The Standard