Powder Of Deception
Powder Of Deception: What Kenyan women use to regain their virginity

Gone are the days when parents would be proud of their innocent, humble virgin girls. Nowadays it’s rare to find a virgin in their teens. Children as young as 9 are engaging in sex. But who is to blame?

Virginity Investigative

With new technology women seem to be engaging in sex so much more and later using “modified” means to regain their virginity (or so they believe). Be it by use of sprays or powders given by quacks, they will do anything to regain their virginity without thinking about side effects. After a long discussion with my colleagues on the types of things ladies use to regain their virginity, I visited down town Nairobi to find the real creams, sprays and powders they use.

My journey kicked off along River Road, one of the busiest streets in the city; where you buy just about anything. It was about 4 pm and everyone was in a hurry to get home to avoid getting rained on as heavy clouds were covering the skies. I was not in a rush and everyone looked at me as if I was a new comer in the city. “Why is she not in a hurry?” I heard a lady behind me ask…”Huyu ni kama ametoka ocha, akijua ako jiji, itabidi aige mtindo…,” her counterpart answered.