If the government continues to ignore this problem, then someone else will offer a solution, and this story might not have a happy ending.
The main reason refugees live in camps is because their homes have been destroyed by war; otherwise they are just like us, and some even posses great talents. (Read the article below)

Forget About Al Shabaab, Here’s Something That Will Shock You About Kakuma Refugee Camp (Video)

I visited Kakuma refugee camp in Norther Kenya last month for a one-week workshop organised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR and FilmAid. While there, I met talented and hardworking young boys and girls who are unable to showcase their talents because the Kenya police will not let them.

These young people claim that the police ask them for money just to obtain a permit to put up a show/event, which the area OCS confirms that should actually be FREE of charge.

“We are here because we don’t have money, those who have money are in Mombasa, Nairobi and other places. We depend on UN, who provide us with food and almost everything, but when the police ask us for 5,000 to be issued with a permit, where are we supposed to get the money?” Complained one of the artistes from Sudan.

Another refugee from Somalia who did not want to be named told me that he’s been at the camp for almost two years, and considering what he has gone through in his home country and at the refugee camp, he once thought of joining the Al-Shabaab militant group because he felt life was unfair to him.

Mpasho Investigates Police Brutality Part 1: The Main Reason Refugee Camps Have Become Al-Shabaab Recruitment Centers

Most of these people have gone through a lot in their countries, the best the government can do is make them feel at home. It becomes so easy for the enemy to convince them and radicalize their beliefs when we neglect and oppress them.

I spoke to the Kakuma area OCS, who admitted that he has heard about the issue of police harassment at the camp, but no one has ever made a formal complaint regarding the issue. He also added that he’s not aware of the fee being charged by his officers for show permits.

Watch the video below let us know what you think.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTyWDxff1aU&w=700&h=420]