Last year, we did a rather riveting piece on crime. A year on, as we contemplated doing a follow up, we were shocked to realize that most of our sources had met their fate. That was worrying. The realization of this is really what propelled this follow up.


Violent Gangsters Gunned Down In Sewage (PHOTOS)

We first looked at the most dangerous areas of Nairobi according to the Security Research and Information Centre:

Mpasho Investigates Crime Part 1: Find Out The Most Dangerous Places in Nairobi (Video)

We visited the area that had been identified as crime spots and manged to interview a reformed criminal who took us on a tour of Kibera’s most troubled area:

1. GroganYou’re likely to get mugged
2. Nyamakima You’re likely to get mugged
3. Around Globe CinemaMugging, snatching and breaking of car parts
4. Kirinyaga RoadMugging and snatching of handbags and phones
5. AmbassadeurMugging (late night) and snatching (anytime)
6. Ronald Ngala StreetSnatching
7. Muthurwa (Show number 8) – Mugging and snatching
8.Uhuru HighwayBreaking of side mirrors and snatching
9. OTCMugging and snatching

Top 5 Most Dangerous Places In Nairobi 2016

This time round, our focus is somewhat changed. We are not just looking at crime as it were but we shall be looking at the levels and how youngsters get inducted from one level to the next.

Young Gangsters Take To Facebook To Celebrate Their Crime Spree Of Rape, Murder And Carjacking, Moments Before They Get Killed

Mpasho Investigates Crime Part 3: Here’s How Simple Criminals Get Guns and How Much it Costs (Video)

To that end, we visited Kariobangi North and spoke to youth who in a past life were criminals and they gave us a wealth of knowledge into the perspective of how the criminal underworld works.

Keep it locked for this and so much more.

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