1. Vera Sidika

The self-proclaimed African Kim and socialite became popular after skin bleaching. The bootylicious queen publicly admitted to having spent millions of shillings on skin lightening, an admission that ignited various reactions among Kenyans. Many criticised her for promoting bleaching but she lashed out calling her critics hypocrites. Vera seems extremely proud of her new skin colour.

2. Eunice Wambui aka Nyasuguta

The Vitimbi actress recently caused a stir on social media after “new” photos surfaced online. Nyasuguta the village girl with a ‘heavy’ Gusii accent in the famous local production Vitimbi, changed drastically a few months after she was involved in an accident that left her with a dislocated pelvic bone, injured knee and back. Nyasiguta came out to deny allegations that she had bleached, claiming that her “new” skin color was due to climate change, but the photos below tell a lot.