Commonly known for sexual activities, brothels may seem synonymous with good times but in reality, they are rarely cheerful places.

Brothel business is one of the businesses that are still booming despite the hard economic times. Major cities like Nairobi attract sex workers from as far away as Kisumu, Eldoret and Nakuru.

As a potential client, the introduction to this environment is unusual. There are checks to go through before anyone is let through the brothel entrance.

When you first walk into a brothel, you’re probably walking into the bar. The bar looks like any other bar. It has autographed footballs and jerseys of English Premier League clubs to attract many customers and this is where a client meets the girls. (service providers). The negotiation room is small, with a chair and small portable television playing dance hall music for ambience.

Once the negotiation is complete the client follows the lady of his choice to the rooms. The rooms are stocked with a pack of condom and a decent supply of moisturiser and lubrication.

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Some rooms where I visited had a landline telephone for the girls to call their supervisors should something go wrong. The doors to the rooms are never locked. I visited different brothels in the city and here is the list of brothels which are opened 24/7:

1. Kericho East: Located along Kumasi Road

2.  Small World Waters: Located along Luthuli street

3. Reke Marie Bar & Restaurant: located along Tsavo Rd, Nairobi


4. Tahiti: off Luthuli Avenue

5. New Amar Hotel: Located on Luthuli street

6. Rico Pub: Located on the last building on Luthuli street on the right


7. Sabina Joy: Located along Moi Avenue