The Kenyan acting industry has seen a rapid growth over the past few years. Despite the growth though, we still have many challenges; limited production and starring opportunities, lack of an organized guild of actors to grow them professionally and take care of their welfare, lack of proper awareness on regulation and investment, and sex.

Owners of production houses have become demigods. Many cannot offer you a job until you part with your dignity. Acting is often considered a career for the not too bright and that’s why many ladies and young men are recruited everyday due to their looks rather than their talent.They are hence used as sexual objects. Just like in Nollywood where actors reportedly sleep around with the producers so as to be given major roles in movies, in Kenya it’s no different, ladies are sexually exploited. Before you feature in a local TV soap and drama, many a time you will have to “please” the directors and producers.

They offer sex since the options are limited. They want to be associated with the famous people they have been seeing on screen; they want to break into that league since they think it is bliss. The bar has been set too low in the industry and such acts are viewed as ordinary.  For both men and women who die to join the industry it’s the same procedure; they are all sexually exploited, but ladies are more vulnerable; “Angels of sex”.

Days are gone when acting was one of the most respected careers. Things have changed. You don’t have to struggle; all you need is to accept the “offer.”

There are a few local actors who really hustle to climb up the ladder, but there are also those who have risen to fame overnight because of who they agreed to sleep with.

A good example is a popular local actress who recently called it a day. Its alleged that the sexy lass rose to fame quickly after sleeping with one of the top producers. She has been in the industry for close to 10 years and after a lot of fame, she has decided to move to the next level; she’s now a top businessman’s mistress.

There is a popular male actor who we can’t name for legal reasons, who was accused of sleeping with members of his crew. The well-fed man is said to be among the many who prey on young women who join the acting industry in the name of fulfilling their childhood dreams.

Sex for fame is still a major problem in the entertainment industry. It has become a nightmare to many who dream of becoming the face of Kenya just like Lupita Nyong’o but the question is, what can be done to stop this behavior? Kenya has talent and all we need to do is support the raw talent without necessarily going for looks because they can be deceiving.

I called a number of producers on this matter but none was willing to be quoted. One of the biggest professional film directors in the country today however admitted that this has become the norm and a huge problem for the acting industry. He too declined to comment on record.

‘It’s there. It always happens, but I am sure no one will be willing to talk about it,”