Nollywood actor cum comedian Mr. Ibu is in town!

Mpasho has exclusively spoken with the multi-award winning comedian who is in town for a peace concert that will be held at Uhuru Gardens. The hilarious character told Mpasho of the importance of why he is here:

“Why you dey fight? No need for violence. I support peace and thats why I’m here.”

But then, he is just not campaigning for peace. The “I Don Get Alert” actor went on to reveal to this writer that he is doing projects with Kenyan actors. I mean Nigeria meets Kenya.

“We have started a collabo with Kenyan artistes. We’ve already shot a movie with Koni Kabari. We are making a script for Kenya for both professional and non-professional artistes.” He narrated

mr ibu 1

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For the uprising comedians, Ibu has got a piece to share with you

“My career has been a very sweet one in heaven through hell. I grew up with my grandfather. I stayed with him and he impacted all these things on me. I then became stupid professionally. But then you must be very well schooled.” Mr.Ibu said

Ibu is set to bring Nairobi to a standstill together with another Nollywood actress Tonto Dike as they preach peace in the country.

tonto dike

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