They are the talk of town, not for anything to be proud of, but for the wrongs reasons! Nairobi D’s Mishi Dorah and Tanzania’s kid Rayvanny have been making headlines for publicly revealing that they slept together. I mean not just sleeping but rather smashing each other badly.

I must say they were a thirsty lot, that’s according to how the two exclusively explained to Mpasho their now scandalous sex game. But still there is something wrong….why am I saying this? Rayvanny’s explanation and Mishi Dorah’s point of view do not add up. So, who is lying?

To understand everything, let me drive you through the whole  journey;

About a month ago, Mishi Dorah held an interview with Mpasho which turned out to be one of her platforms to increase her publicity across East Africa. Mishi revealed that the following day she was going to Tanzania to smash Rayvanny who according to her had even payed for her flight.

MPASHO EXCLUSIVE: Leaked CONVERSATION Between Rayvanny And Mishi Dora, WCB Kujeni Muone Hii (VIDEO)

Mpasho would later reach out to Rayvanny and in an exclusive interview, the Kwetu hit maker revealed that he smashed Mishi or probably he was smashed…lets just say they smashed each other. When asked about him paying her flight he denied and even said that he was never her friend in the first place.Did he just call her chips funga?

ALIMWAGA NDANI! ‘I Slept With Rayvanny Again After He Performed At B-Club,’ Brags Wannabe Socialite Mishi Dora

So, why would he smash a girl he barely knows? Thanks for asking. Apparently, the two were chatting with Rayvanny going to an extent of asking for nudes…and of course he received them. A week later, Mpasho has held another interview with Mishi Dorah who said that she smashed Rayvanny once again in her house the same day he did an interview with us, after his show in a popular baller club in town.

After all these, the lad would give her a commitment ring. I need a bottle of whisky!

HARUSI TUNAYO! Tanzania’s Ray Vanny Gave Mishi Dorah This EXPENSIVE Ring After Steamy Lungula For Two Weeks (VIDEO)