Hmmm… Coincidence anyone?

Kiptoo K-Four Takes Over Live On Blast: Afterburn

A short while after Kwame Bonsu (the tall, stringy model that used to host L.O.B) chose to exit Kiss TV, his L.O.B co-host Yvonne a.k.a Ivonna, the very same lass with whom he was rumoured to have had a titillating tryst with in the parkinglot of St. Marks Church -but that is all hearsay and the pair of them have denied the allegations that were reported by Robert Alai.


meme+oh my

Away from all that history, Yvonne it is alleged decided to part ways with Kiss TV as of Monday to pursue alternative ambitions but I cannot help but listen to the nagging, nay, needling nuances whispered in my head that coincidences only exist in movies.


Enough about all that. Let’s get into it. I have spoken to several of her co-workers who expressed dismay at her decision saying she was actually one of the most competent and qualified journalists -aye, she is a trained journalist they had had the pleasure of working with.

That said, I personally wish her all the best in her future endeavours.