Jaguar’s Range Rover Sport, KCB 808J was involved in a car accident with witnesses saying it was not Jaguar who was driving but a woman. The fatal accident took two lives, Joseph Maingi and Mugo Abdalla.

Mpasho reached out to family members from both families and according to them, Jaguar headed to the police station and changed everything.

Furthermore, Jaguar sent his body guard by the name Ndegwa to take the car which was involved in the accident and tow it away to heaven knows where. The rappers muscle told the family members that there is really nothing much they can do.

Simon Macharia, the uncle to Mugo who was killed in the accident told Mpasho hat all they want is justice.

“He sent his bodyguard by the name Ndegwa…And he told us we cant talk to him they are too big for us…There is nowhere We can take them…He was so arrogant. HAkuna kitu tunaezawafanyia, akasema kama tunataka kuchukua picha tunaezachukua, so from there we are not able to fight with them the legal part”

The family member went further to described what happened;

“After She caused The Accident, She Drove Like 50 Metres and went across the road. Of course she was on the wrong side.There was Another guy there…Jaguar came later….Something which Im sure of is that the lady was driving the car.” 

Kumbe Hata Gari Si Yake! Meet The Owner Of Jaguar’s Range Rover That Killed 2 Men

He continued;

“They had an OB number…We were denied access to the OB…”