This photo does all the talking.

When the Pombe Bhangi song came out, no one really paid it any mind. Then the video dropped and everyone reacted like:



Personally, I saw nothing wrong with the video but it seems everyone else didn’t like what they saw. Maybe the ratchetness was too much. Maybe it’s because the lasses didn’t seem to care. But then again they did care… Only that it was kept hush-hush.

Everyone I spoke to figured Raila Odinga, the man whose voice is being used by the artists who did the song led by Rajayjay and Mor Gor to basically do the entire song would be livid.

I spoke to his personal assistant who didn’t seem to bothered. Actually, he was unaware of the track and after I sent him the link of the track he preferred to keep mum on the issue.

No sir, it was not Raila Odinga, the former Prime Minister who had an issue with the song but some of the girls in the video.

When I spoke to Rajayjay about it, he said that he didn’t invite any of the girls and the video shoot would have gone on with or without them. He also asserted that by the time they arrived, they saw the camera set up and must have known it was a video shoot.
However, the lasses aren’t too happy and are said to be looking at their legal options. Personally, I see this one falling flat.