Talented actress Awinja, who plays the role of a naive housegirl on Papa Shirandula’s programme which airs every Thursday night on Citizen TV set social media abuzz early this week after she unleashed baby bump photos.


“Surely! nani amepea Awinja mimba? These Kenyan men, though..,” that was Chege’s reaction (my colleague) after he saw one of Awinja’s photos flaunting her baby bump.

Nie Reke Gwire! Awinja Of Papa Shirandula’s Throwback Photo Shocks Many

Yes! It came as a surprise to many. Well, we called Awinja for a comment, and the ever smiling and funny actress did not hesitate to answer. We all know that pregnancies are basically eventful and many women go through a harrowing experience during pregnancy. Also, apart from mood swings and weird cravings, there are those whose pregnancy takes a toll on their health but for Awinja, she hasn’t experienced such.

“I’m one of those lucky women. I haven’t experienced any morning sickness. I don’t have cravings when it comes to food, I eat anything. I have had the easiest pregnancy so far.”


The radio presenter whose show on Qwetu Radio is ruling the airwaves is 6 months pregnant and she says that she is really looking forward to having the baby. She is excited.

Awinja Jacky

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Awinja also revealed her baby daddy and confirmed that she is taken. Poleni Mafisi!


“He is not someone in the limelight as many are speculating…,” said Awinja. 

When asked if the lucky man was Nigerian? Awinja laughed it off and said;

“I can’t do west Africa. The love of my life is Kenyan. 


Awinja Jacky

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The heavily expectant mother who was once photographed kissing popular comedian sleepy at an event last year has cleared the air and here is what she had to say.

“That was a skit. The kissing had nothing to do with romance. Sleepy is like a brother to me. We started together in this industry and we have been close friends.”  

There you have it from the horse’s mouth.

Awinja Jacky

We further asked Awinja if she was going to open an Instagram account for her unborn baby but she said NO.

“I will leave it to the child to decide when he/she gets older.” 


Pregnancy is not going to affect Awinja’s career. They shoot a lot of episodes which will run when she is on maternity leave, she will be on TV and that’s why you won’t miss her.

Awinja Jacky

The funny actress has also advised women to

“Pregnancy is very personal. And I would like to advise fellow women that to only come out when they are ready not to do it just because you want to please people or prove a point. I did it when I was ready and I’m happy now.”

When asked the status of her relationship with her baby daddy, Awinja replied

“It is official.”

Congratulations Awinja! SWE wish you all the best in life.