The huge social event teeters on the edge of failure after the headline act, 2 Chainz is an alleged no show. And Octopizzo, never one to shy away from having his 2 cents heard, wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to speak up. Actually, to be fair I called him up.

Octopizzo was busy minding his own business at the German embassy when he received a call from uncle chim Tuna. He couldn’t answer because he was busy so I texted him. He told me he would call me back as soon as possible.

He did.

Octopizzo with Coca-Cola CEWA Marketing Director, Ahmed Rady

And when he did, he had alot to say but it was all profound.

“There is no need for the Jameson guys to cancel their concert. Maybe they should refund part of the money back to the patrons then have local artists headline. Like me for instance. I am more than enough, I am more energetic and I understand the local market better. And the fans know me so we can feed off each other’s energy. Why do we have to scramble when I am here? I am Mr. International! I can put up a show that will be 10 times better!”