Mishi Dorah and Rayvanny

Reality star Mishi Dorah has come out to clear the air that she lost Rayvanny’s pregnancy weeks after she conceived.

“First of all, I’m not pregnant, I was pregnant with Rayvanny’s baby, but I lost it,” she told mpasho.

She and the bongo star were in what they termed a one-night stand that left Mishi pregnant. However, the singer thought she had aborted.

She told Mpasho:

“Before he saw the medical reports, he thought I had aborted the pregnancy because I wanted to continue with my socialite life. I’m not a socialite. No, that was not it. If it was the issue, I don’t think I’ll be having my kids. Once I get pregnancy definitely, I’d want to have that baby, it’s definitely not a mistake.”

She added:

“Alikasirika but akaja akaona medical reports. Me and him we’re done. He had a woman in his life and I also had men in my life and I needed to focus on my career and kids. Rayvanny’s baggage si kitu nilikua nataka kudeal nayo.”

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She then says the Salome hit maker lied about his age, telling her that he is five years older than his original age.

“When I was coming into Rayvanny’s life, the age he told me he was, wasn’t the one I had to find out. I can’t date someone who is younger. I’m 26 and Rayvanny is just turning 24. He told me he was 29 now turning 30 and someone close to him backed him up. After all this drama is when I came to find out his real age. I’m too mature than that. I have to be with someone who reasons better than me.”


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The mother of two says she wasn’t responsible for the rumoured break-up between Rayvanny and his baby mama.

“She shouldn’t be insecure, she is pretty. There must be something she is not doing. I don’t know this woman, I hear most of the time she talks shit about me. You will soon see what will happen. What I can say is that Rayvanny is wake peke yake.”

She concluded:

“If these lovebirds are fighting, it’s not because of me. This hullabaloo is not part of my life anymore. I have my life to live, we were having a baby and that didn’t happen. Hao wenye wanapigana wapigane wenyewe kwa wenyewe, bado naolewa Tanzania.”

Here’s an exclusive interview: