Ratchetness is an understatement! WCB’s Rayvanny and socialite Mishi Dora are the real definition of pornstars. Mishi Dora, Nairobi Diaries’ scandalous socialite who is 3 years older than the bongo artiste has apparently been bedding the young boy. In this case lets call him her boytoy.

Remember when Rayvanny told us that he knew Mishi as a promoter? It turns out it was a lie. And Yes, Rayvanny paid for her flight to Tanzania and even picked her from the airport together with her best friend Bridget Achieng, making Rayvanny a liar once again!

The two knew each other through social media way before they met face-to-face to an extent of Rayvanny asking for nude photos from Mishi. Mpasho is now EXCLUSIVELY leaking the conversation between the two of them.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Mishi Dora revealed that after Rayvanny’s performance in a popular club in Nairobi, the two went ahead to make love again, and this time round it was in her house.

So how long did the Bongo kid last in bed? Thanks for asking, he is quit an expert who lasts 1hr 3 mins. Need I say more? For your information, Rayvanny has a girlfriend identified by the name Fahyma and according to his sex partner Mishi Dora, Fahyma is approximately 5 months pregnant with Rayvanny’s child.The poor girl!

NILIKUWA NDAAANI! Tanzania’s Ray Vanny Reveals Juicy Details About His SEXUAL ESCAPADE With Nairobi Diaries’ Mishi Dorah (VIDEO)

Mpasho wishes Rayvanny and Mishi Dora a successful reality sex show!