KTN TV’s presenter Edith Kimani can be classified among the top media personalities who made TV what it is today. The gorgeous lass has been able to stay in the competitive entertainment industry unlike some who have faded into insignificance. She remains to be one of the most respected and sought after female celebrities around.Despite the fact that she is a top celebrity around, she is never in controversy, unlike her counterparts who have become a household name due to their scandalous lives. After spending several years at the Mombasa Rd based media house, Edith Kimani has called it a day and soon she will be moving to Deutsche Welle (DW) in German. She joined KTN back in 2009 after she emerged the winner of the Presenter Show competition. She was only 19 years old. 

To bid her farewell, her former company organised a surprise party for her which left her in tears. Below are the pics