Gospel is under the microscope once again.

For a long time this lad was the truth! He couldnae do any wrong when it came to linking up with a gospel artist and churning out hits.

But the thing about gospel artists, their personal lives rarely ever hold up to any form of scrutiny.

Exclusive Scandal: “Stop Forcing Me To Abort Our Baby!” Ringtone’s Ex Girlfriend Screams!

This time the scandal involves an entire church. Or should I say two. And Dunco is right in the eye of the storm. Calm, unbothered, yet the very root of the problem.

Allow me to start right at the heart of the matter; Dunco is being accused of stealing a pastor’s wife.

How did it all start you ask? Well, for a long time, Dunco was engaged to a lady whom he thought was the love of his life. That fell through. It reminds me of the Kenyan proverb that goes,

“Mtaachana tu!”

And when the inevitable happened, he was left homeless. He needed to couch surf. Enter the pastor of the church whose worship team he was a member of:


The man he turned to who gave him refuge was none other than Alexander Nduati. Alex, was a happily married man of the cloth who served his flock at PAC BuruBuru. His marriage was to a woman named Naserianne Sintako.


Now, while Dunco was homeless, he set his eyes on Naserianne and love bloomed. illicit love is always the sweetest. I recall my bredren Xola telling me that lust is stronger than our will. That is why Joseph had to run away from Pontipha’s wife.

Dunco however is fat.

He simply tipped into this love headfirst. And sunk. But now the couple had a problem, either keep the relationship discreet or move churches and houses. So they moved out of the house Alexander and his bride Naserianne were raising their children in and moved to Lang’ata and are now at Nairobi Chapel.

We reached out to Pastor Alex Nduati. Understandably, he would like to keep this matter private. He confirmed that indeed he is experiencing marital woes but it’s a private affair. We then called up Dunco. He cowered.

No reply. Texts went unanswered. I can’t blame him.

Hapana cheza na bibi ya mutu!