The name Didiero is one of those names that many people within the industry are familiar with even though the layman probably isn’t as acquainted with it.

It is the name of the man that used to manage Willy Paul and helped steer him into being one of the biggest brands in Kenya’s entertainment scene. It is also the name of the man who conceived the idea for Mwafaka Awards.

Mwafaka Awards for a while was synonymous with one of the biggest award ceremonies that recognized gospel artists in Kenya. But that might change after someone dropped a dime on Didiero claiming he propositions female gospel artistes for sexual favours in exchange of Mwafaka Awards.


The allegations came complete with screenshots of conversations he was allegedly having with a female artiste whom he claims not to know but more on that later.

The female artiste in question seems to have had some sort of arrangement with Didiero and why she chose to out him is beyond me. But in the conversation, Didiero is adamant that he wants to experience making love to the lady raw. Yaani nyama kwa nyama!


And boy was he eager to get to eat some of the gospel gal’s guava! The lad got heated at some point asking for close-up shots of the lass’ guava and it was all she could do to calm him down and tell him to wait to see it in person.

This actually makes me wonder whether some of the female Mwafaka Awards winners have been legit or they had to part their thighs…
Check out the conversation below:

Listen to the audio of Didiero defending himself against the allegations below: