Pesa ni karatas! So they say, but Gabu is walking around town with a car on his hand, i mean his posh watch can get you one of the BMW 320i and service it for a month.

It seems like his music is indeed making good money for this Wabe hit maker after he decided to go solo following a break up of their group P-Unit. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Gabu revealed the his expensive posh watch and when asked how much its worth, the Dirunk singer would tell fans to do their research.

gabu 1

Mpasho has come to learn that Gabu’s Hublot watch is approximately Ksh. 1.2 million, shocking right? Gabu who is now doing well with his song Bugu Bugu is one of the Kenyans who have put their Watch game high with several celebrities showing their posh watches.


Gabu has now joined Octopizzo who flossed his Micheal Kors Lexington watch worth Ksh. 201,000 and Kristoff who owns Audemars Piguet watch, same watch as President Uhuru Kenyatta and  Joho, a magnificent piece worth between Ksh.2.6 Million and Ksh. 5 Million.


Usitubebe Fala! Hopekid Flosses Fake Rolex While Octopizzo Shows Off His Designer Watch

This comes after fans go ham on gospel singers Hopekid and L Jay Maasai for having poor imitation watches and having the guts to post them on social media. Lets just say its the new game in town!

Here is an exclusive interview with Gabu;