Kin Hubbard once said; “The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.”. But sometimes because of friendship and trust, you might decide to lend your friend some coins. So, what do yo do when he/she doesn’t pay back? It’s you to decide.


In July 2014, “Asusu” singer DK Kwenye asked his friend B Twin; whom they had earlier on worked with on a collabo, to lend him Ksh50,000, which he promised to pay in 2 days.

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But apparently things didn’t go as planned and then committed to paying 10,000 a week. To which they both agreed.

B Twin alleges that DK went silent after the agreement. No payment, no phone calls, no nothing.

B Twin, who is also an artist, say’s that DK kept lying to him, then suddenly went silent again.

After several months, B Twin’s wife contacted DK who has again promised to pay in instalments of 5000 until it reaches 50,000.
Check out the screenshot below.


According to B Twin, DK hasn’t started paying yet, and he says he’s not sure he’ll live up to his word this time and pay back him back.

B twin featured DK in his track “celebrate” (you can check it out below)

When we reached DK for a comment. Here’s what he said;