Dennis Okari, is Betty Kyallo’s estranged husband and a fine specimen of masculinity he is indeed.

While other people were talking about what may or may not be happening in his life, he kept quiet about the entire affair.

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He kept it classy by remaining silent even when things got straight messy.

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And when he finally did speak, he steered clear of all the bullshit.

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Anyway, after all the wahala settled down, life went on. Betty Kyallo has decided to market her brand as a self made, independent woman. A woman who is finally emancipated from what however we will never know and she was out last night celebrating her 28th -the twilight of her 20s and she did so in style. To see how everything went down, click this blue hyperlink here.

So I decided to see what this couple that was once ever so public with their relationship and guess what I found?

Dennis Okari message to Betty Kyallo


So I decided to call him and he said,

“My message would be personal. Why do you feel I have to share it with you?”

I explained to him that it isn’t as private as he thinks because before the split, they were a very loud couple on social media. And when he saw reason he said,

“No, my comment is that my message is private”

Listen to the audio below: