To say that Jameson Live was eventful is an understatement. Take for instance seeing Eddy Tash, a former producer at Capital FM get roughed up as his friend gets thoroughly slapped. What happened? Well, why don’t you take a seat and let Uncle Chim tell you the story.

I was in the VIP section’s entrance getting the best of both worlds; the gallery and the VIP section and trust that there was alot to see. A whole lot. That was where we saw the drama unfold. Eddy Tash, this guy:

Eddy Tash

Anyway, the lad was inebriated as were his friends but the difference is that his friends could not “maintain”. And so they made their way to the entrance of the VIP section expecting to be let in only to be denied entry. There was an exchange of words before the bouncer shoved the three friends.

They got into a small scuffle before the bouncer slapped the loudest of the three. 3 hot slaps connected with his face leaving in the vicinity stunned. Eddy Tash and his friends were roughed up and pushed away. When things calmed down, they made their way back to the entrance once again to try and smooth things over but when Mr. Tash noticed me filming, he walked away. Check out the video below: