Clearly, the beef between Bobby Mapesa and Nonini is not going to end soon. According to the ‘Mtoto Mzuri’ rapper, Nonini and P-unit members are dating old rich women who are paying ‘all’ their bills.

“Unajiitaje Bobby Mapesa Na Hauna Kakitu!” P-Unit Viciously Attack Bobby Mapesa

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho yesterday, the Eastlands rapper took serious shots at both Nonini and P-Unit, saying that they are broke toyboys. The rapper also said that Nonini conned him around 3 million.

“Nashindwa hiyo doh mingi hivo amefanyia nini; Toyota ni ile ile mzee, afanyi mavideo kali. Anafanya video cheap na ni godfather wa genge…Mziki mbaya..Nashanga tu.”

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Apart from claiming that he’s the one who taught Frasha, Gabu, and Bon-eye how to rap before they became superstars, the rapper alleged that the group members are just some broke artistes who are bought for everything by sugar mummies.

Frasha, Gabu, and Bon-eye have rubbished the claims.

Watch the full video below;