It is sad that a public figure can have a meltdown publicly and throw a tantrum at something that can be solved effortlessly. Never trust anyone who is rude to a waiter so the adage goes.

Celebrated Citizen TV media personality Lilian Muli is the center of attention as we speak. She is a role model to many both young and old but we are in possession of a video that proves that she is not what as pleasant as she appears to be.

Mpasho Exclusive: Lilian Muli Denies Allegations She Was Involved In A Drunk Driving Accident And Ran Away Crying (PHOTOS)

Mpasho has exclusively obtained a video of Lilian Muli insulting and hurling all kinds of insults at a waitress at a popular bar and restaurant; Carribea which is located in the heart of Nairobi’s upmarket Kilimani area.

In the video, Lilian who was rumoured to be dating a top football official can be heard yelling at the waitress

“..this bitch has an attitude” 

What happened to her morals? Why would such a top public figure abuse a fellow woman? The attempts by some hotel staff to calm down the TV siren did not bear fruit as she went ahead to insult the waitress even further.

It’s not clear what was the cause of the fight but the reaction in the video, shows us there was more than meets the eye. Lilian Muli was in the company of a man when she was insulting the poor waitress. Customers at the joint were angry with Muli’s behaviour and someone can be heard in the background telling her

“go to Kempinski”

probably a place where she will be given a five-star treatment. But why do this?

Without wasting your time, below is the video.