We know him as one of the hottest rappers in Kenya, spitting bar after bar of nothing but fire. And with a slew of hits under his belt, the proud Luhya can claim to be one of Kenya’s best top 5 rappers of the moment.

And so today is the day we celebrate the rapper as he celebrates his birthday. Who knew that was a day that would be celebrated some years later as the day that a Kenyan hip hop veteran in the making would be born?

One year older, one year wiser. Happy Birthday Kristoff.

On the other hand, Bamboo is also celebrating his birthday. The veteran rapper who was at some point one half of super rap group K-South along with Abbas Kubaff before eventually getting saved and moving to America.

He eventually moved back but his comeback was not to be. And so he switched allegiance back to gospel and then fell off the radar. The next time we met him, he was hawking cars:

Is Bamboo Going Broke? He Is Now Hawking All His Expensive Possessions (PHOTOS)

But all in all, a happy birthday to one of Kenya’s most illustrious rappers: