David Sankok

Kenyans love a tear-jerking story. Something they believe they can help. From the 100 shilling couple to the Chokora couple that was Valentine’s Day’s heroes they want a project they can sink their collective teeth into and help.

Last month a photo went viral of a boy pushing his mother’s wheelchair while going to school. The photo touched many Kenyans’ hearts and one of those was the politician and nominated MP David Sankok.

The boy in question is called Irene while his mother is called Kevin. The MP who is himself a paraplegic decided to do something for the mother. He donated yet another wheelchair and tons of foodstuffs.

David Sankok
David Sankok trying her new wheelchair

David also promised to donate an electric wheelchair in a months time and clear Irene’s daughter’s college school fees.

The MP further assured he’d make sure she secured a job at the council of persons with disability or Nakuru Statehouse.

David Sankok

He said:

“Persons with disabilities should empower their children by taking them to school and emulating Irene’s decision to ensure her children were in school.”

Some well-wishers even went the extra mile and cleared her children’s school fees while also donating foodstuffs that would aid in their upkeep.

David Sankok

The single mom had also received a goody bag from wealthy heiress Anerlisa Muigai after she got wind of Irene’s touching story. Mpasho.co.ke learnt that Kevin’s mum identified as Irene suffered polio attack at a tender age of four which left her crippled.

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