Amina Abdi

Amina Abdi’s NTV show, The Trend, has gone a notch higher and this time it’s not just about entertainment. Of late, the show has been celebrating mothers.

The mother of one, asks viewers to send stories about their mothers and recently Dickens Ngicho shared an emotional story about his foster mother, leaving many in tears.

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Amina’s special guest on Friday was an orphan who was born and bred in Nairobi’s Majengo area. His parents passed away when he was young and he was forced to leave for Homabay and stay with his grandparents.

He later moved to Nairobi to live with his uncle but things didn’t go well because his wife (aunt) never liked him. And it’s from there things turned nasty.

I always wanted to stay in Nairobi because my dream was to join the University if Nairobi and pursue journalism.

True to his dreams, he joined the university and while studying he used to teach at a local school but he couldn’t afford to provide for himself.

The school decided to construct a kibanda [classroom] for the standard four pupils and that’s where I used to sleep.

This is after his auntie told him to get a place of his own because they were moving to a smaller house.

I used to earn 6k per month and my school fees was Sh 80,000 per semester. My brother was in form three and I was also the one paying school fees. Life wasn’t easy.


I would sleep on an empty stomach in the kibanda and made sure I woke up at 5 am to leave the school compound so that no knew I slept there.

Dickens thanked his lecturers for allowing him sit exams even though he didn’t pay school fees and owed the institution Sh300,000.

The soft-spoken guy then met his foster mother, Pamela Obae, who totally changed his life.

There’s a day my mum (Pamela) called us when I was in her house planning to go back to where I used to sleep and she addressed us and told me; “Dickens from today you’ll be one of us. I will be your mother. Feel at home and don’t think about any other problem, you have a home”‘, said a teary Ngicho.

His moving story left Amina shedding tears.

Amina Abdi

His foster mother had met her parents before they died. Talking about her he said;

It’s a blessing from God to have her. Everything she has done for me and my brother.


She is a compassionate mother and very godly.

Dickens, who is now an online content producer and editor at Nation Media Group, is also the chairman of UoN’s school of journalism.

He advised those going through what he went through just to focus on education if they ever get a chance. He also revealed that his brother recently dropped out of university due to lack of school fees and he’s now a guard.

Pamela, who lost her husband in 2007, also spoke about raising Dickens and other children. The story has left many moved and below are some of the comments;

Sharon Zey This is really emotional.., a story of hope. This goes to show that inasmuch as there are seasons of darkness, seasons of hope and joy exist. Bless that mother

Meg Newts: Dickens this a great blessings Man keep the grinding hot

Anne K This is so emotional. And above all, mum, you are amazing, one in a million.
God bless you. And please God, lemme be a mum like her in future. Amen🙏

Jackie Kiru  May God bless this amazing mother.

Lillian Tanui Woiye I was in the same class in campus with him and he was going through all that yet he always had a smile and was so nice to us. Never take for granted the joy and blessing a mother comes with.

Anne Makaka I knew Dickens last yr when he came for an internship at Ecobank. God will see you through, Dickens. You’ve bn a humble, hardworking and God-fearing boy. God knows your destiny
Lillian Sento I can’t finish this story Dickens am so emotional.

Below is the video