There is nothing as painful as losing a loved one or someone you consider your better half.

A Kenyan photographer, Joe Makeni of Frontlite Photography shared very touching photos of his wife’s last moment that he had captured while she was still in the hospital.

Makeni’s wife, Njeri Riitho, was pregnant but was sadly diagnosed with hypocalcemia (the presence of low serum calcium levels in the blood), after she was unable to walk and move any of her limbs.

On this day @njeririitho was unable to walk and so we went to hospital to get it checked out. Actually she couldn’t control any of her limbs. 20th Jan 2016 4:44pm

Joe Makeni then took her to Kijabe hospital where she was diagnosed with the hypocalcemia. After three days, they went back to another hospital in Nairobi but sadly lost their baby.

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The talented photographer even took time to apply some makeup on his ailing wife, with the help of some friends. Njeri was very positive, hopeful and always having a smile on her face despite the excruciating pain she had.

Makeni revealed that he had decided to take the photos so that he would share them with her when she recovered and got out of the hospital, but this was not meant to be.

Njeri Riitho

The touching story was shared by the talented photographer so as to encourage those who have been through the same experience and show people that it’s good to appreciate loved ones when we have them.

I am not one to post personal stuff online but I feel like sharing so Njeri’s last days can be an encouragement to someone out there.


Joe also shared photos of doctors attending to his beautiful wife before she passed away and thanked them for the support and the spirited attempt and effort to save Njeri’s life.

The story is very touching but encouraging at the same time. Check out the moving spread of photos from his Instagram on the next page>