Maina Kageni has just made a major announcement and this time, it has everything to do with politics.

The veteran radio personality is known for his support for women on his breakfast show, where he talks about issues regarding relationships and marriages.

If you are an ardent Classic 105 listener, you know that Maina Kageni is always siding with women while his funny co-host, Mwalimu King’ang’i,┬áis usually on the men’s side.

Due to this, men nicknamed Maina Kageni ‘Women Rep’ for his unwavering support for his female fans and listeners.

Well, Maina Kageni has decided that it’s high time he did something about it, and after much thought and consideration, he’s made up his mind.


The celebrated radio presenter has decided that he will run for the Nairobi Woman Representative, where he will be competing with Esther Passaris and the current seat holder, Rachel Shebesh.

According to Maina Kageni, he settled on this major move after consulting with Nairobi’s women, with the Electorate and with supporters of Classic 105.

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To prove that it’s not just a joke, he went to the registrar of political parties where he received his certificate as an independent candidate.


Other than that, he was also issued with his clearance certificate, which is very genuine. Maina Kageni even has a symbol for his campaign, which happens to be a wig, which represents the Nairobi woman.

“It’s time Nairobi women got proper registration and representation. It’s time they got their voices heard, it’s time for them to stand out and be what they have been in the society all along” said Maina Kageni during his presser.

Well, if you think it’s a joke, check out the video below for yourself. Introducing 2017 Nairobi Woman Representative aspirant, Maina Kageni.