There once was a time when Nairobi Diaries was emerging on the scene of Kenyan entertainment TV shows. And when that was happening, everyone and their mother had a snide remark to make about the show. 

But the thing about quality -even quality garbage- is that it always rises to the top of the pops. And Nairobi D did exactly that. The haters hated as potatoes potated and the show resonated with an audience that K24 wouldnae have been able to gain or imagine otherwise.

And each new season has come with more twists and turns than a dreadlocked chap’s retouch at the salon.

What? Don’t you like my dad jokes? Suck it!

But as all things go, Nairobi D has enjoyed a brilliant run at the top of the pops but that has come to an end. There is an emerging show that has captivated the ratchet audience that is Kenyan TV viewers:

It is called Perfect Match and is your commonplace dating show with an uncommon twist: it sets up the most mismatched individuals up on blind dates. And it is working! The mismatched dates often have a nuclear end with none of the participants finding their perfect match and like most Kenyans, I hate the fact that I love the show but I do.

Actually, instead of feeding you my opinion, let me find out exactly what you think about the show. Have your say in the poll and let me know what you think of both shows in terms of which is currently the hottest show on Kenyan TV: