Death hits so hard and people mourn differently. Some cry loudly while others grieve silently.

Well, a video of Harmonize wailing after receiving the sad news of the passing on President John Magufuli Pombe, has gone viral.

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This didn’t go well with Kenyans, who took to social to bash Harmonize, with some claiming he was just clout chasing. Check out the reactions;

shaffieweru Stage crying is also a new talent….😮

_chokuu Some people are good at turning other people deaths to be about them……

rebman44 So he is so emotional that he had the strength to record himself mourning, ok 🙄. Let me b thinned by mine but these celebrities need to get a life. R.I.P Magufuli, a great leader he was to the people of Tanzania.

lukale_7 Sasa unalia ukiji record???

iampattoh Unajirecord ukilia …. crazy world🙌

kal.u.nde_ It’s sad but where do people get the strength to remember their camera’s when serious mourning 👀..

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i_am_ayitso Social media will be the end of us

beckymbaka71 Harmonize watu wanaomboleza na wenatafuta Kiki kwa kujirecorde ukilia

_m.k7_ Why is he recording himself crying?
Yes, it’s a heavy blow to Tz and it’s people but people who record themselves crying are purely attention seekers. All in all,

itsmssuzzy Why is he recording himself..🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ it’s a great tragedy for any loss of life though

murayasam May he RIP. such a strong man to record himself crying 😏😏

princess_sue54 Alipata wapi Nguvu ya kujipost akilia chenzi kiki asiitafute Kwa kifo.

zineopiyo Why would you cry and record……are people okay?

_lu__i__sa_  Hizi nguvu mnatoanga wapi😂😂😂