Noti Flow vs Pendo

A socialite is a person (usually from a wealthy, or aristocratic background) who plays a prominent role in or is very frequently involved in high society. A socialite generally spends a significant amount of time attending various fashionable social gatherings at least according to Wikipedia.

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But to Kenya or Africa generally, a socialite has a totally different meaning.

We have grown to identify a socialite as someone with a well-endowed body; big assets and who is ready to show it off to the public to gain fame. The so-called socialites are now taking over the showbiz industry in Kenya thanks to their looks and goodies.

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Well, with many socialites mushrooming on social media daily, below are the characteristics of a Kenyan socialite.

1. Posting nudes

To become a certified socialite in Kenya you have to bare it all for men to kagua.

All you need is go for an explicit photoshoot and share salacious photos. Make sure the boobs and private parts are exposed for maximum effect and higher ratings. Ask Huddah Monroe, Risper Faith and Vera Sidika how this helped them shoot to fame.

In short, you need to make it as a socialite is big boobs, big behind, a professional photoshoot, Instagram account, twerk video, appearance at events, face for TV e.t.c.

2. Queen of kiki

You must be fond at pulling publicity stunts. Say anything that will leave people talking for days. A good example is upcoming socialite Shakilla, she recently released a list of men she has allegedly bedded and the outcome wasn’t good. Many threatened to sue her for defamation.

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3. Dating a new man every year

Most of them are after money and fame. We have seen many of them exchange men as undies and some date even for less than a year before hopping to the next one.

4. Plastic surgery

Being a socialite isn’t easy. You always have to look sexy or else you’ll be written off the market. Quite a number of socialites have admitted to undergoing plastic surgeries and lightening their skins.

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5. Failing to pay hotel bills

Staying at expensive hotels and failing to pay the bills has been the order of the day. They are usually lured by men into hotels and afterwards left with huge bills to clear. Stacy ‘Pendo’ Vugutsa is a good example. She has been left with a huge hotel bill to clear, not once but twice with different men.

6. Living beyond their means

Most of them live large on social media but kwa ground vitu ni different. Quite a number have been exposed for taking stuff eg clothes, shoes, human hair wigs on loans and failing to pay.

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7. Ratchetness

Most of them start by being ratchet before they ‘mature’. They gate crush parties, fight and their ratchet behaviours are always witnessed wherever they go.